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17th. March               -----       My Brother's Place, Atlanta, Georgia
6th. April                   -----       Elks Club, Brunswick, Georgia  
                                                (Shows at 10:00pm and 12:00pm)                                                                                                                                                          7th. April                     -----       Elks Club, Brunswick, Georgia             
                             (Shows art 10:00pm and 12:00pm)
13th. April                  -----       Gold Star Ballroom, Lone Star, Texas
                                                 (2 shows)
29th. September       -----       Athens Middle School, Athens, Alabama
9th. October              -----       Runaways, Bowling Green, Kentucky
10th. October            -----       Carriage House, Dothan, Alabama
                                                   (Shows at 9:30pm and 11:30pm)
12th. October            -----       Washington, North Carolina
13th. October            -----       Newbern, North Carolina
14th. October            -----       Goldsboro, North Carolina
22nd. October           -----       Athens, Georgia
23rd. October            -----       Athens, Georgia
24th. October            -----       Athens, Georgia
25th. October            -----       Athens, Georgia
26th. October            -----       Athens, Georgia
27th. October            -----       Athens, Georgia
8th. November          -----       Louisville, Kentucky
9th. November          -----       Louisville, Kentucky
10th. November        -----       Butch Cassidy's Club, Louisville, Kentucky  
13th. November        -----       Runaways, Bowling Green,  Kentucky  
17th. November        -----       Lawrence County Coliseum, Moulton, Alabama
23rd. November        -----       V.F.W. Club, Dickson, Tennessee
24th. November        -----       The Happy Cajun Club, Buras, Louisiana    
13th. December        -----        Private show, Goldsboro, North Carolina
14th. December        -----        Plush Horse Club, Huntsville, Alabama
                                                    (2 shows)
20th. December        -----        Giles County High School, Pulaski, Tennessee
                                                  (7:00pm show)  
28th. December        -----        Jasper City Auditorium, Jasper, Alabama
29th. December        -----        Marshall County High School, Lewisburg, Tennessee
                                                  (7:00pm show)
31st. December        -----        National Guard Armory, Dickson, Tennessee
                                                 (8:30pm show)
1978*                         -----         Al Who's Place. Columbus, Georgia

An audio recording exists of this performance or engagement and is available on the collector's circuit

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