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Each of the titles listed below were compiled and produced by European fans in collaboration with the relevant recording studios/labels in the USA. Allowed access to rare session information and unreleased archive material from the vaults, great care has been taken with each of these titles to produce a quality product and putting the career and recordings of Jimmy Ellis into perspective, giving him deserved credit for his unique talent.


DRADCO 231205
Released 2006
Days Of Autumn Gold; (She Loves Me) All To Pieces; The Last Date/Without Love; I'll Never Be Free/You Don't Know Me; Feelings (Alternate version); I'd Rather Sit Here And Remember You; Changing; It's You Again; Tupelo Woman; Games You've Been Playing; The Closer He Gets; Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast (Live version); What's Forever For (Live version); This Is A Hold-Up; My Baby's Out Of Sight; Still In Love With Billy; I Do; Freeze Up; Saving Up My Pennies; I'm Starting Over; Out Of My Life (TV appearance); Lovers; Nobody's Gonna Hold Me; You're Stealing My Wife; Let Me Dream I Lay With You Tonight; How Did We Get Here From There.

Released 2006
Georgia Pines; Anna Jones; The Most Natural Thing; Days Of Autumn Gold; Changing; My Baby's Out Of Sight; I Use Her To Remind Me Of You; Leigh; Remember You; Circle On Your Finger; Tender Side Of Me; I Can Love You Better; Every Time You Touch Me; Words; Kiss The Hurt Away.
BONUS TRACKS: The Most Natural Thing (Outtakes); The Most Natural Thing; Circle On Your Finger (Echo version); Changing (Outtakes); Changing (Alternate mix); Tender Side Of Me (Outtakes); Anna Jones (Outtakes).

Released 2007
Intro/Restless; Save The Last Dance For Me/Sweet Little Sixteen; I Tell It Like It Used To Be; A Woman's Touch; What's A Memory Like You (Doing In A Love Like This); Hello Mary Lou; Back On The Street; Medley: Got My Mojo Working/That's All Right Mama/See See Rider/Band Introductions/Got My Mojo Working; I Don't Know A Thing About Love; Texas Tea; Dixie Road; Medley: Old Pipeliner/Crazy Little Thing Called Love/Feel Right; How Great Thou Art; The Impossible Dream; Let It Roll; Old Time Rock; Mona Lisa Lost Her Smile; Love Me Tender; Medley: Jailhouse Rock/Teddy Bear/Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel/Burning Love/Suspicious Minds/Love Me; Hurt; It's Now Or Never; T.R.O.U.B.L.E.; My Way; Never Too Old To Rock'n'Roll; (Thank God For) America/Outro.

Released 2010
Looking For Love; Lady; Truck Driving Man; Stick (These four numbers performed by Universe, no Orion involvement) Opening Riff; Rockabilly Rebel; Got You On My Mind; Crazy Arms; On The Road Again; Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall; Something 'Bout You Baby I Like; Memphis Sun; A Stranger In My Place; Introduction Of Universe; Crazy Little Thing Called Love; Susie Q; Long Tall Sally; San Francisco Is A Lonely Town; Texas Tea; Just A Closer Walk With Thee; Love Is In The Air.

Released 2011
Show One: Tupelo Woman; Proud Mary; I Honestly Love You; Moody Blue; I Can See Clearly Now; Hurt; Sweet Caroline; You Don't Have To Say You Love Me; Mean Woman Blues/Blue Suede Shoes/Long Tall Sally; Hound Dog; There You Go; My Way/Exit Vamp.
Show Two: Intro/Mojo/That's All Right/See See Rider; Let Me Be There; I Love You, I Love You, I Love You; Tupelo Woman; I Can See Clearly Now; Return To Sender; Mandy; Burning Love; It's Now Or Never; Margaritaville; My Way/Exit Vamp.
Show Three: Tupelo Woman/Talk; That's All Right/Mojo/See See Rider (Incomplete); Welcome To My World; Moody Blue; Margaritaville; Take Good Care Of Her; Hound Dog/Mean Woman Blues; Sweet Caroline; Jimmy Talks About The Broadway Play "Elvis Lives"; Tiny Hands; Gone At Last; Hurt; Got My Mojo Working/Exit Vamp.
Show Four: Intro/Tupelo Woman; Burning Love (Incomplete); Are You Lonesome Tonight; An American Trilogy; Hound Dog; Mean Woman Blues; You Gave Me A Mountain; Sweet Caroline; Hurt/Exit Vamp.

Released 2013
Jambalaya; Take These Chains From My Heart; Your Cheatin' Heart; Cold Cold Heart; Half As Much; I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry; Lovesick Blues; Face To Face And Heart To Heart; I'll Take What's Left Of You; Leave It Like It Is; I Can Help; Love Is In The Air; These Sometimes; Night Of The Rain;  That's All She Wrote; Rock It Billy Rock It; Lying Eyes; Old Time Rock; Out Of The Blue; Run Fool Run; Strangers; Moment Of Weakness; The Other Side Of You; Treat Her Right; Save The Last Dance For Me.

Released 2020
Disc One: Stick (Instrumental by Universe); Intro/Women Do Know How To Carry On; Ain't No Good; Always On My Mind; Mountain Of Love; Some You Win, Some You Win, Some You Lose; Washing Machine; What's Forever For/Introductions; Texas Tea; Do You Ever Fool Around; Trust In The Lord; A Woman's Touch; Love Is In The Air.
Disc Two: Anybody Out There; Look Me Up (And Lay It On Me); You Don't Know Me; On The Road Again; Honky Tonk Heaven; Slow Hand; Save The Last Dance For Me; Midnight Rendezvous; Always On My Mind; Gone At Last; Love Is In The Air; Feels So right; This Is A Hold Up; Morning, Noon And Night; Love Me Tender/Don't Be Cruel; Solitaire; Love Is In The Air.

NOTES: Compilation of many rare and hard to find early Jimmy Ellis tracks, all digitally remastered and offering greatly improved sound quality compared to previous compilations on several "unofficial" releases.
A Limited Edition release from of only 500 copies. Includes twelve page colour booklet giving recording details, technical information and many rare photos

NOTES: Includes 24 page booklet full of photos and info on Jimmy, his life and his recording career. Focuses on the early work of Jimmy Ellis.
Limited edition release.

NOTES: Taken direct from the first generation soundboard tape recorded live on 5th. July 1986.
Includes eight page booklet/sleeve.
Limited edition release.

NOTES: Features a live concert recording from Jackson, Tennessee, 13th. March 1981.
Limited edition release.

NOTES: 2 CD set featuring four concerts recorded live by a member of the audience at the Nashville South Club, Macon, Georgia, April/December 1977.
Includes eight page booklet with rare photos and comprehensive liner notes.
Limited edition release.

NOTES: First seven tracks are duets with Hank Williams "soundalike" Jim Owen (shown above).
The song Old Time Rock was later re-recorded for inclusion on the Canadian album release NEW BEGINNINGS.
The version of Save The Last Dance For Me is the rare solo version without Jerry Lee Lewis vocal. Not listed on the sleeve as it is included as a surprise bonus track.
Limited edition release.
Includes a 20 page full colour booklet with rare photos and extensive liner notes.

NOTES: Two CD set featuring live concerts recorded at Cowboys lounge in Tullahoma, Tennessee, 30th. October 1982.
Soundboard recordings.
These concerts were recorded by Sun Records with the intention of releasing them on vinyl album(s).
SUN 1029
Released 2024
This Is A Hold-Up; Honky Tonk Heaven; Morning, Noon And Night; Devil In My Angel; Two Loving Shadows On Fire; Midnight Rendezvous; Strangers Till We Touch; Whatever It Takes; I Use Her To Remind Me Of You;  My Baby's Outta Sight; There You Go (Sun re-recording).
BONUS TRACKS: Just Out Of Reach (lead vocal Sun re-recording) (Stereo DAT); Here Comes That Wonderful Feeling Again (Sun re-recording); Sing Me Like You Sing Your Songs; Leave It Like It Is; I'm Here To Love You; Love Is In The Air; Honky Tonk Heaven (Undubbed); Strangers Till We Touch (Undubbed alternate take); Midnight Rendezvous (Mono LP master); This Is A Hold Up (Undubbed); Whatever It Takes (Undubbed); Two Loving Shadows On Fire (Undubbed); Sing Me Like You Sing Your Songs (Undubbed).
NOTE: Planned for release in 1982 but cancelled when Orion left Sun Records. Finally seeing the light of day in this special extended collector's version.
Includes full colour 12 page booklet. Issued with full cooperation of Sun Records and replica Sun label sitting very nicely with previous Orion releases on the label.
FLAMING STAR 978-82-92567-09-8
Released 2016
Last Date/Without Love (There Is Nothing); Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast; Going Home Medley: Swing Low Sweet Chariot/Feel Like Going Home/Homeward Bound; Movin' On; Secret Love; I'm Here To Love You; Sing Me Like You Sing Your Songs; This Is A Hold Up; I'm Saving Up My Pennies; I'm Starting Over; Can't Get Used To Sleepin' By Myself; Let Me Dream I Lay With You Tonight; Thank God For America; Sunday Father; I Make The Livin (You Make The Livin Worthwhile); Down In Mississippi; We Can't Go On Living Like This; Hooked On A Feeling; You'll Never Walk Alone; Because He Lives; Unchained Melody; I'll Be With You Always.
NOTES: Huge 400 page biography of Jimmy Ellis with compact disc of rarities and unreleased recordings included. Disc comes inside the back of the book cover in a plastic sleeve.
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