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SPECIAL NOTES: Kardina Records were formerly known as Pro Star Productions. Kardina bought The Orion recordings made by Stargem and recorded a few additional tracks of their own.
With the exception of the STEADY AS SHE GOES release, no evidence of cassettes on the Kardina label has yet been presented. It seems unusual that there should not be cassette issues of these titles. It is possible though that when purchasing the recordings from Stargem, cassette release rights were either not ncluded or not felt necessary as the cassette market was dwindling following the popularity of compact discs.
Running order of tracks may differ compared with album version.

NOTES: Both the cassette and CD version were issued with three different covers, two of the cassette covers shown above.

Released 1996
Steady As She Goes; He Has His Hand On Your Heart; Love Is The Only Way Out; Between Hello And Goodbye; Rock Your Baby; I Know Where You Are Coming From; My Boogie Wants To Boogie With You; The Power Of Your Love; If You Ever Want A Fool Around; Starting Over.
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