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Got something unique in your collection? Then let other fans have a look.

This page features those little (or big) bits of Orion memorabilia we all like to hang onto or go out of our way to get hold off. Buttons, badges, posters, jackets, masks.....in fact just about anything. Let's see it.

If you have something to contribute please email me.
Record stamper for the promo disc release - Sunday Father's.
Record stamper for the promo disc release - Thank God For America.

Orion Fan Club pin/badge
Orion "Mr. Excitement" pin/badge.
Orion car plate blue.
Orion car plate red.
Selection of masks sold at Orion live concert appearances.
More Orion souvenir masks.
Sew on Orion denim patch
Orion glow in the dark keyring.
Orion Fan Club application form.
Membership card for the Orion Spotlighters Fan Club.
Orion Sun Records guitar plectrum.
Orion's Second Annual Barn Party hat.
Orion Fan Club membership card 1982.
Orion Superstar of The 80's souvenir pen.
Jimmy Ellis mug.
Orion Barn Party 1983 glass tumblers.
Above: A selection of Orion T shirts sold either at his live appearances or through Shelby Singleton's mail order service.
The Orion book by Gail Brewer-Giorgio:
Hardcover First Edition and dustcover.
Also a handwritten note from inside the first page.
The U.S. Gold Bound Edition; U.S. paperback (Legend Books Inc).
U.S. paperback version (Pocket Books)
Original U.K. paperback front cover.
Original U.K. paperback back cover.
Original Orion mask as seen on the front cover of the "blue" Reborn album. Now in the hands of a private collector.
Three photos of a die stamp used on official Orion souvenir products.
Belt buckle worn by Orion on the Nashville Now TV show.
Several covers for the DVD and VHS releases of the movie AMERICAN YAKUZA 2 - BACK TO BACK. The movie featured several Orion songs on the soundtrack.
First one shown is the U.K. DVD release.

The DVD cover for the movie DANGEROUS OBSESSION which features the Orion recording I Surrender All on the soundtrack.
Two different Sun Records postal sleeves side A and B.
Orion's 1982 Barn Party program.
Kristal Records press kit 1985.
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