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11th. January           -----          Adair County High School, Columbia, Kentucky
19th. January           -----          Florence Lauderdale Coliseum, Florence, Alabama
25th. January           ----           American Legion Club, Cleveland, Tennessee
14th. February         -----          Howard Chenery Auditorium, Kalamazoo, Michigan
                                                  (8:00pm show)
15th. February         -----          McMorran Memorial Auditorium, Port Huron, Michigan
                                                  (8:00pm show)
16th. February         -----          Civic Centre Arena, Lansing, Michigan
                                                  (8:00pm show)
17th. February         -----          Oakland University Fieldhouse, Rochester, Michigan
21st. February         -----          Dothan Civic Centre, Dothan, Alabama
22nd. February        -----          McComb High School, McComb, Mississippi  
23rd. February         -----          The Happy Cajun Club, Buras, Louisiana  
                                                   (Shows at 10:00pm and 12:00pm)
24th. February         -----          The Branding Iron Club, Jefferson, Louisiana  
28th. February         -----          El Cid Club,Beckley, West Virginia
29th. February         -----          Civic Auditorium, McMinnville, Tennessee
1st. March                 -----          Middle School Auditorium, Athens, Alabama
7th. March                 -----          Moulton, Alabama
8th. March                 -----          Athens, Alabama    
15th. March              -----          Thomas Stone High School Auditorium, Waldorf,
20th. March              -----          Jet Star Club, Huntsville, Alabama
22nd. March             -----          Butch Cassidy's Club, Louisville, Kentucky  
23rd. March              -----          Lancaster High School Auditorium,  Lancaster, Ohio
28th. March              -----          Civic Center, Cedartown, Georgia.
29th. March              -----          Lawrence County Coliseum, Moulton, Alabama
2nd. April                  -----          J&J Center, Athens, Georgia
4th. April                   -----          Packard Music Hall, Warren, Ohio
7th. April                   -----          Brothers Music Hall, Birmingham, Alabama
8th. April                   -----          Brothers Music Hall, Birmingham, Alabama
11th. April                 -----          The Hitchin' Post Club, Bristol, Tennessee  
12th. April                 -----          The Switchyard Club, Anniston, Alabama
18th. April                 -----          Tarrant City High School Auditorium, Tarrant City,
20th April                  -----          Promotional tour of Europe with interviews  in Emgland,
                                                     Germany and Switzerland.
26th. April                 -----          Swiss television appearance.
                                                     Returning to U.S.A. on 27th. April.
2nd. May                  -----           The Switchyard Club, Anniston, Alabama
3rd. May                   -----           The Switchyard Club, Anniston, Alabama
10th. May                 -----           Carpet Country Jamboree,  Dalton, Georgia
11th. May                 -----           The Rock & Country Club, Chattanooga, Tennessee
14th. May                 -----           Country Roads Supper Club, Lithonia, Georgia
16th. May                 -----           J & J Center Athens, Georgia
17th. May                 -----           Durrett High School, Louisville, Kentucky
18th. May                 -----           Middle School Auditorium, McCutcheonville, Ohio
21st. May                 -----           Concordia Club, Birmingham, Alabama
24th. May                 -----           Old South Jamboree, Walker, Louisiana  
25th. May                 -----           The Branding Iron Club, Jefferson, Louisiana   
26th. May                 -----           Sanger Theatre, Biloxi, Mississippi  
28th. May                 -----          Jimmie Rodgers Memorial, Meridian, Mississippi
29th. May                 -----           Lincoln School Auditorium, Lincoln, Alabama
                                                     (Benefit for Ambulance Service)
30th. May                 -----           The Hayloft Opry, Tuscumbia, Alabama
1st. June                  -----           Lake Winnepasauka, Chattanooga, Tennessee  
6th. June                  -----           The Nashville Club, Asheville, North Carolina
                                                   (Shows at 9:15pm and 11:15pm)
7th. June                  -----           The Nashville Club, Asheville, North Carolina
                                                    (Shows at 9:15pm and 11:15pm)
8th. June                  -----           Fiesta Brava Supper Club, Raleigh, North Carolina
                                                    (Shows at 7:30pm and 10:30pm)
9th. June                  -----           Roy Acuff Theater, Opryland, Nashville, Tennessee
                                                   (6:30pm show)
11th. June                -----          CMA Fan Fair, Nashville, Tennessee
                                                  (Shows at 10:00am and 11:00am)
13th. June                -----         The Hayloft Opry, Tuscumbia, Alabama
                                                  (7:00pm show and possible second show. Rescheduled
                                                  from cancelled show on May 30th.)
14th. June                -----          LaGrange Shopping Mall, LaGrange, Georgia
14th. June                -----          Franklin Music Park, Franklin, Georgia
                                                   (8:00pm show)
20th. June                ___          The Lazy B Club, Charleston Heights, South Carolina                                                                                                                21st. June                -----          Record Show Case, Goose Creek, South Carolina
21st. June                -----          The Lazy B Club, Charleston Heights, South Carolina
26th. June                -----          Murphy Theatre, Wilmington, Ohio
                                                  (8:00pm show)
27th. June                -----          Yesterdays Old Place, Indianapolis, Indiana
                                                   (Shows at 10:00pm and 12:00pm)
28th. June                -----          Yesterdays Old Place, Indianapolis, Indiana
                                                   (Shows at 10:00pm and 12:00pm)
29th. June                -----          Lancaster HS Auditorium, Lancaster, Ohio
                                                  (Shows at 2:00pm and 7:30pm. Benefit show for
                                                  kidney transplant victim)
June*                        -----          Bowling Alley, Indianapolis, Indiana
2nd. July                   ----           J&J Center, Athens, Georgia
                                                  (Shows at 10:00pm and 12:00pm)
5th. July                   -----           Bundy Auditorium, New Castle, Indiana
                                                  (7:00pm show)
12th. July                 -----           The Red Carpet Inn, Bowling Green, Kentucky
                                                  (8:30pm show. Rescheduled from 31st. May
13th. July                 -----           Triton College Auditorium, River Grove, Illinois
                                                   (Shows at 3:00pm and 7:00pm, Benefit for U.S.
                                                  Olympic Athletes)
17th. July                 -----          The Hitching Post, Chattanooga, Tennessee    
                                                     (Shows at 10:30pm and 1:30am)
24th. July                -----            Suttons Restaurant, Lexington, Kentucky
25th. July                 -----           Civic Center, Poteau, Oklahoma
                                                    (Shows at 7:00pm and 9:30pm)
26th. July                 -----           Memorial Auditorium, Wichita Falls, Texas
                                                    (8:00pm show)
27th. July                 -----          Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (Tentative date)
28th. July                 -----          Henderson, Texas
5th. September        -----         Louisville, Kentucky
20th. September      -----         Football field, Warrior High School, Warrior, Alabama
17th. October           -----         Nashville Theater, Nashville, Tennessee
20th. November       -----         Huntsville, Alabama
29th. November      -----          Hammond, Louisiana
                                                  (2 shows)
27th. December      -----          The Happy Cajun Club, Buras, Louisiana
                                                  (Shows at 10:00pm and 12:00pm)
31st. December      -----          Holiday Inn, Navarre Beach, Florida
                                                  (Shows at 9:00pm and 11:00pm)


An audio recording exists of this performance or engagement and is available on the collector's circuit
   Show cancelled
   Special afternoon  "Orion In Store" promotional appearances
       * Exact date not known
Above: Live in Cedartown, Georgia. 28th. March 1980.
Above: Indianapolis, Indiana. 27th. June 1980.
Above: Ticket for Sutton's Restaurant, Lexington, Kentucky. 24th. July 1980.
Above: Two concert tickets from Poteau, Oklahoma, 25th. July 1980.
Above: Ticket from concert in Wichita Falls, Texas. 26th. July 1980.
Above: Advert for In
Store appearance on
21st. June at Goose
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