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The Orion Masks

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In at least one interview Jimmy has stated that he had around twenty masks and it has been mentioned on several messageboards that Jimmy had a total of twelve original Orion facemasks designed and manufactured for his television and live appearances, with Sun's Betty M. Cherry given the credit for designing them.

Reportedly he wore a shop bought mask underneath to maintain the shape and make him feel more secure in the feeling that it would remain in place throughout his entire performance.

This page is an attempt to list/show and name each individual mask.
Twenty-four are identified here but there were undoubtedly others and it is possible some masks were altered/redesigned to give them a different look.


1. Black Floral
2. Black Orion
3. Black Stud
4. Blue Country
5. Black Glitter
6. Blue Glitter
7. Black Glory
8. Blue Orion
9. Blue Stud
10. Black Bat
11. Fresh.
12. Gold Glitter
13. Red Flash
14. Red Glitter
15. Red Swirl
16. Rockabilly Gold
17. Reborn
18. Gold Stars
19. White
20. Black Sunrise
21. Black Starburst
22. Black With Red Trim
23. Black Metallic
24. Flag

Photos of other masks welcome.

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