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Swiss TV. Broadcast date: 26th. April 1980 (Unconfirmed)
At the end of a week long tour of several European countries Orion appeared on this show. The previous Saturday evening's programming had been dominated by the very popular Eurovision Song Contest held in Holland, won by Ireland and placing Germany in second place. Jimmy had just left Germany and headed for Switzerland to guest on this show, perform two songs and take part in a short interview before singing a third song and heading home to the USA the following day:
It Ain't No Mystery
Then follows a short 3 minute Swiss/German spoken introduction/interview with the presenter mentioning Elvis, Colonel Parker and Nashville before asking Orion to step forward again. In English he asks if Jimmy is really Elvis, if he takes off his mask, who was the voice on the Jerry Lee Lewis songs, while also translating the questions for Swiss/German viewers. Orion then sings:
Ebony Eyes
Orion thanks his audience and says Switzerland has the most beautiful women before introducing a "crazy little song" self penned song:
Washing Machine
This show was aired only on Swiss TV from 1978 - 1980. It was taped at the "Tramdepot Tiefenbrunnen" in Zürich. The host of the show was Christoph Schwegler. Christoph's has been one of Switzerland's best loved and most recognised voices for over 40 years.
He was the first person to present Switzerland's (then) Top Ten on Radio DRS1, and he has presented and voiced lots of radio shows and commercials since. His acting credits include Rolf Lyssi's Teddy Bär, his successor to the most successful Swiss film of all time, the classic Die Schweizermacher.

German TV. Broadcast date: 13th. December 1982
Clad in black pants, white jacket, blue shirt and matching blue mask Jimmy (Orion), accompanied by fast moving camera movements and flashing background lights, mimed to one song in front of a less than impressed young audience, on the second show in the first season of this popular Monday evening pop programme, hosted by Frank Zander which ran from 1982 - 1984.
The title of the show translates into English as CAUTION MUSIC.
Taken from the FRESH album which had been recently released in the USA and would soon be issued in Germany, with different track listing and cover, lasting just over two minutes and promoted as the single from the LP he sang only this one song:
Look Me Up (And Lay It On Me)
Other guests on the show included British rock'n'roller Shakin' Stevens (singing "I'll Be Satisfied"), Boney M (singing "Zion's Daughter"), Kim Wilde (daughter of singer Marty, performing "Child Come Away"), Musical Youth ("Pass The Dutchie"), rock band Kiss ("Love It Wild") and Wonder Dog ("Ruff Mix").

Swedish TV. Broadcast date: 15th. January 1993.
Jimmy (as Ellis and wearing black sunglasses) appeared live on Swedish TV's OLDSBERG SHOW hosted by game show host, sports commentator and presenter Ingvar Oldsberg. The popular 60 minute show, Live At Oldsberg För Närvarande, was broadcast at prime-time on Friday nights.
Orion arrived by helicopter and was then driven to the studio on the back of a motorcycle to the strains of the intro music used when Elvis came on stage. Footage is shown of his getting off the motorcycle and being fitted with a microphone before entering the studio and singing the first song:
Teddy Bear/Don't Be Cruel (Medley)
Wearing a two-piece black suit, black shirt and large gold belt, he handles an interview very well, insisting he was born at Sun Records, and shows his fine sense of humour dealing with several Elvis related questions in an evasive manner. Oldsberg would translate the questions and Jimmy's answers into Swedish for viewers.
Lead Me, Guide Me (includes interview)
Following another segment of the show with other guests including olympic competitor Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards, Jimmy performed his final song over the closing titles.
Are You Lonesome Tonight (Over the closing credits).

Sunrise back photo
At present no video footage has been located of this appearance although the audio soundtrack is available on only two unofficial CD album releases (FAN003, FREEZE UP and MASKED MAN 011 ORION TAKES OVER THE WORLD). The language spoken on the audio is Swiss-German.  In the audio the host says "last year a album with Jerry Lee Lewis and friends was released", which confirms the recording as being from 1980.

Orion on Vorsicht Musik
Orion performing Look Me Up (And Lay It On Me)

Orion on the Swedish Oldsberg TV show singing Lead Me, Guide Me.
Orion on the Swedish Oldsberg TV show singing Lead Me, Guide Me.

Special thanks to the original You Tube uploaders.

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