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Released 1973
Credited to Jimmy Ellis
NOTES: Side A states "From the TV Series "McLoud". Episode "Showdown At The End Of The World".
Several fans recollect seeing the original TV broadcast of this show and are convinced the song was sung by Jimmy. Others disagree and the recent release of the show on DVD seems to verify their opinion that the track was indeed sang by another artist.
Issued with two different label designs.

SPECIAL NOTES: Titles There Ya Go NOT There You Go and Here Comes That Feeling Again NOT Here Comes That Wonderful Feeling Again.
Both these tracks were later recorded for the Boblo single BO-531 with slightly different titles.       
It has long been incorrectly stated that this song coupling was also issued on the Challenger Records label with the same catalogue number. The error possibly dates to June 1985 when the U.S. Discoveries magazine published a Jimmy Ellis Discography and listed Jimmy's fourth single release as being on the Challenger/MCA label. However over eighteen years, no evidence/scans of this release has ever surfaced or been offered for sale on the online auction sites or offered by other parties. It seems safe to therefore conclude that no such release ever existed.

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